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Eastern District Pinewood Derby - 2013
The last date for registration has passed.

Description: Eastern District Pinewood Derby - 2013
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Registration Begins: 2/1/2013
Last Day to Register: 3/15/2013
Contact E-mail: jnroberts8@yahoo.com

Eastern District Pinewood Derby Championship
Saturday, March 16, 2013
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Hope Presbyterian Church Gymnasium
8500 Walnut Grove Road
Cordova, TN 38018

  1. Please read these instructions first, then click Register (below) to register your Pack.
  2. Registration is by Pack (not individuals).
  3. A large, major event requires advanced preparation.  Please help us ensure a quality event by registering online, in advance.  Paying your fees online at the same time you register ensures that sufficient funds are available to purchase event supplies, like trophys.
  4. Please register online by Friday, March 15th.
    • Racing Fee is $10.00 per car.
      Up to 15 cars per Pack may be registered for the Racing Competition.
    • Best-N-Show Judging Fee is $5.00 per car.
      Up to 3 cars per Pack may be registered for the Best-N-Show Car Judging.
      These cars may or may not be registered in the Racing Competition.
    • You may pay online by Credit Card or electronic Debit.
      You may also select Mail/Offline to pay by check at the Scout Office.
      Please pay by check at the Scout Office by Friday, March 15th.
    • You may register online and pay by check at the event.
      We can only accept checks at the event, we cannot accept cash or credit cards.
      Make sure you select the Mail/Offline payment type when you complete your online registration.
    • Your Pack will register and pay fees for your whole Pack.
      (Your Pack will collect the fees from the individual participants.)
    • So there will be no confusion about online registrations and payments,
      please bring copies of all Registration Confirmations/Receipts to the event.
  5. Please download and review the Pinewood Derby Leaders Guide:  Here(pdf)
  6. Please download the Pack Registration Form:  Here(doc) or Here(pdf)
    • The individual participants are to be listed on the Pack Registration Form.
    • The Pack Registration Form should be completed and emailed ASAP to:
      Nichole Roberts at jnroberts8@yahoo.com
      and Ariel Parker, Eastern District Executive at ariel.parker@scouting.org (901-581-1325).
    • The doc-file format is compatible with MS Word or Open Office suite.
      It may be opened in MS Word or Open Office suite, then edited and saved.
      Then, it may be emailed to Nichole Roberts and Ariel Parker.
    • The pdf-file format may be opened using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
      Use the Select Tool to Copy to body of the document to the clipboard.
      Then, paste it into the body of an email.
      It may be edited within the email and sent to Nichole Roberts and Ariel Parker.


Doubleknot Tips:

  • You may have to click the form to place the cursor into the first data entry field.
  • Use the Tab key to advance between fields.  Avoid using the Enter key.
    On this form, the Enter key behaves like a GoBack button.
  • If you do not complete the transaction all the way through the payment and confirmation screens, then the system will discard the transaction as 'incomplete'.
  • Even if you are using the Mail/Offline payment (to pay by check at the Scout Office), you must complete all of the payment and confirmation screens.
  • Doubleknot will email a confirmation/receipt to you if the transaction is completed OK.
  • All Doubleknot transactions, including online payments, are secured using SSL encryption technology.
To edit an existing registration click here